08.26.09 // The Cheesiest Have Prevailed! (Stay Tuned for Winning Recipes…)

(photo : termie)

The line went down the block. All the “eaters” waited in painful anticipation for the mac attack….


This is what a typical attendee’s plate looked like. Yes, migraine judging for the People’s Choice was hard, hard work. Eating a boatload of deeeelicious home-made mac ‘n’ cheese? Easy. Deciding which one “reigned supreme”? Not. Easy. At. All.


The Judges’ table, as you can see, had no shortage of choices either. They spent much time deliberating, debating, and deciding.


I don’t think this guy got to have any :( Oh well…


…and the last vote was cast. The ballots were counted. And then……


The winners claimed their bounty and a whole lotta bragging rights! An overwhelming win by Team KKR/Bike Basket Pies with their “Mac N Cheese Pies” claimed both Judges’ 1st Place and People’s Choice!

(photo : chris rochelle @ chow)

These blue ribbon “pies” featured a sinful mix of Pt. Reyes blue cheese, walnuts, spinach, and shitake mushrooms…uh, and some macaroni :)

(photo : termie)

The Fat Bottom Girls swept 2nd place with a proud victory for veracious vegans all over with their (It’s Vegan) “Who Cares?” dish. Check it out:

(photo : chris rochelle @ chow)

Yellow enough to fool any cheesiologist and tasty enough to be a winner! This creamy mac featured a cashew nut butter and miso base.


The Rachael Ray Guns brought some E. Coast flavor to their “Maryland Style Mac & Cheese” to win 3rd Place!

(photo : chris rochelle @ chow)

This dish came complete with a healthy dose of blue crab and a bloody mary shooter! Crab-a-booze-a-licious.


And whoever said that looks don’t matter can go suck it. Team Fromage scooped up the Most Photogenic prize with their precious gingham-patterned liners (and matching aprons) that complimented their perfectly saffron-hued Milo’s Macaroni and Cheese.

(photo : chris rochelle @ chow)

Notice the matching gingham everywhere and kitty kat faces. The dish is named after Milo, team member Annie’s munchkin cat!

- – -

Stay tuned for the WINNING RECIPES so you can taste the glory in the comfort of your own kitchen!

So there you have it folks. It was a battle. It was a feast. Ate so much mac, we were nearly deceased. Until next time, keep cookin’ good lookin’!