08.18.09 // Who, Oh Who Will be the Cheesiest?


Alright people! The Mac Battle is coming up in less than a week and I hope you’re hungry. To whet your appetite, page listed below are all 20 of our fearless competitors. Find their names/team names accompanied by official entrant numbers and dishes, appropriately presented between quotes! A sure-fire (and most-welcomed) heart attack from the sounds of “Miss Erin’s Deeply Southern Mac ‘n Cheese”, the totally elusive “Ribs”, gettin’ all fancy-like with some “Bourbon Duck Cheddar Mac & Cheese”, and a bold promise with “Magnum”, these dishes will surely offer a smorgasbord like none other. Cheesy, carb-y, irresistible. Read ‘em all and set those expectations to high!

  1. The Modern Halitosis Lovers / “Makeout Mac”
  2. Beer & Nosh / “Bourbon Duck Cheddar Mac & Cheese”
  3. Dirty Swine-Chez / “Crosstown Tref-fic”
  4. Bike Basket Pies / “Mac n Cheese Pies”
  5. Non-Dairy King / “Vegan Mac”
  6. Little Boy Eats / “The Earth and The Apple Tree”
  7. nyummm / “Fresh from Cowtown”
  8. Hella Fat / “Crackaroni con Queso”
  9. Jane Spice / “Vadouvan Mac ‘n’ Cheese”
  10. Amoureux de Fromage / “Four Cheese Truffle Mac”
  11. The All Ya’ll’s / “Miss Erin’s Deeply Southern Mac ‘n Cheese”
  12. Team Time Cube / “Over the Top Cheddar & Bacon Mac”
  13. Cheesy Listening / “Mac and Speegz”
  14. Emma Lynne / “Connecticut Yankee Macaroni & Cheese”
  15. Team Fromage / “Milo’s Macaroni & Cheese”
  16. Sister Mable Syrup / “Smoky Creamy Crunchy Mac”
  17. Lydia Popovich / “Roasted JalapeƱo Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Chicharrones”
  18. The Rachael RayGuns / “Maryland Style Mac & Cheese”
  19. Mission Food Labs / “Magnum”
  20. Fat Bottom Girls / “Who Cares”