01.22.10 // Which Loaf Will Be the Cat’s Pajamas??

Don’t worry–None of these breads are made with cat!

Who knows which bread our crowd will fall in “loaf” with the most?? Your guess is as good as ours! For now, pharm get an idea of what you’re soon to taste and check out the official Team and Bread names for Yeast Affliction! coming up in just about a week:

(official number / team name / dish name)

1. Doughtron 3030 / East Coast Sourdough

2. LisaRuth’s Lovin’ from the Oven / Seeding Is Believing

3. The Muffin Top / Martha’s Inside Out Barcelona Bread

4. Sour Flour / SF Special

5. Team BasilBrain / Fabulously Flawless French Herb Bread

6. Scarlette Poppy / Chipotle Cheddar Bread

7. Wild At Hearth / Ciabatta Bing Ciabatta Bang

8. Bake My Breath Away / 40 Cloves Garlic Sourdough Rounds

9. The Fancy Boyz / Pain a l’Ancienne

10. Marylene Williams / 100% Sprouted Grain Bread

11. Fire in the Fornix! / The Hurricane

12. Team Mayfield Bakery / San Francisco Sourdough

13. The Naan Project / Rani’s Naan

14. Dark Horse Breads / Black Pepper and Fig Sourdough

15. The Itty Biddies / A Nutty Sourdough

16. Bread for Gold / Sour River Loaf

17. Wild Yeast / Semolina Sourdough with Fennel, Currants, and Pine Nuts

18. Go Nuts! / Nuthing but Net

19. Jen Rosa / Rosemary Sourdough Bread

20. Rocket Baby / Cherry Poppin’ Walnut