02.02.10 // Yeast Affliction : Twas a Doughnt-Miss Affair!

Yeast Affliction was an all-around super exciting, traumatologist carbo-loaded, obesity fun time! Competitors showcased a rainbow of breads; some chose to rise above the norm and others took us back to bake-sics. Check out our review in limerick form:

Eaters lined up down the block.
They rushed Thirsty Bear ’round twelve o’clock.
They checked in at the front, sildenafil
And prepared for the hunt
To find that one vote-worthy snäck!

Competitors younger and older
Presented breads subtle and bolder.
Ready to fight,
They all were polite,
Yet inside wished their neighbors to smolder!

Salt and water and flours,
And other ingredients’ powers
Made for the breads
That boggled the heads
Of loaf-eaters over 3 hours.

In private sat judges three.
They debated and finally agreed.
First, second, third!
Our choice will be heard,
And all the attendees shall see!

Twas finally determined who won!
As for beer and bread, all were done.
Amidst burps and bloats,
Winners cherished the votes
And had a moment under the sun.

And let’s not forget the crew
Who works hard to accommodate you!
They wore pins of toast
And I don’t mean to boast,
But they’re really smart cool people too!

No I’m not Irish nor a leprechaun, but I do take requests for custom limericks. Stay tuned for our winning and crowd favorite recipes!

Also, keep checking back for info on our next event “The Chocolate Cookie Situation” coming up in mid-March!