03.08.10 // Officially a Situation: Teams & Cookies!

In less than 2 weeks from now, medical we’re going to partake in one of the most random, but surely super cookie-licious SF Food Wars events to date! The Chocolate Cookie Situation promises to (J)WOW(W) your palate to the point where your hair gets blown out without a single blow dryer in sight!

Read on to get a glimpse of the tastiness to come…announcing our 20 official Team Numbers, Team Names, and Cookie Names, plus descriptions!

1. Team Ron-Ron Juice / J-WOWW’s Juice Heads / soft dark chocolate sandwich cookies with a tart & sweet orange filling

2. Sweet Constructions / Chocolate Crackle / rich chocolate drops with a crisp sugar coating and a soft chocolate brownie center

3. Betty Bump-it / Beat Up the Beets / chocolate biscuit with candied beets…so good you might decide to “stalk my whole life” after you try one

4. Steph’s Cafe / Mint Mojo / naughty thin mint of your darkest, chocolatiest green-miniskirted fantasies come true

5. You Wanna Piece of Me? / Israeli Chocolate Cookie Balls / Peace, love, and sufganiyot. Even “The Situation” would sacrifice a pec or two for a taste of these Israeli balls of deep fried chocolate dough & deliciousness

6. Clown Her Out / guidoreos / homemade “oreos” made with high-quality & organic ingredients…bump it!

7. Baby Jo / Pants on the Ground Cookies / These make you want to leave the office and do some GTLB (Gym, Tan, Laundry, Bake) with the smoooothest peanut butter and loaded up with chocolate

8. Deez Nutz are Hot! / Hot Summer Asphalt Cookies / chewy spicy chocolate oatmeal cookie with nuts

9. 10-2-D-27 / Snookie’s Cookie Whoopsies / red velvet cocoa sandwich cookies with cream cheese & white chocolate “teeth” frosting. Snookie got punched in the face, it got red and swollen, and she thought she lost some teeth!

10. The Frosted Tips / Throwing Shapes / New Jersey-shaped chocolate cookie with salted caramel drizzle and a dusting of fleur de sel

11. Chicks with Whisks / The Chocolatey Oatmealicious Cookie Sandwich Experience / two oatmeal cookies and cream cheese frosting sandwiched in between, coated in chocolate ganache

12. Bike Basket Pies / Not Your Mama’s Sandwich Cookie / chocolate cookies sandwiching a lavender creme filling

13. Team Rocket Baby / Mo’ Choco-Latte / chocolate espresso drop cookies

14. MaliNumNum Treats / “Famous” Toffee, Choco Chip, Nut Cookies / chocolate chip cookies with toffee bits & toasted walnuts

15. Team Ready, Willing & Mable / Stumbling Stoners / lightly sweet shortbread filled with toasted walnuts and crushed potato chips dipped in dark chocolate

16. The SnookieMonster / Snookies N cream / vegan homemade gooeyness that mom used to make plus nabisco deliciousness you hate to love…a cookie within a cookie, a serious cookie situation

17. Sweet Nosh / Bump-a-licious Snooki Cookie / oatmeal coconut almond and chocolate chunk cookies

18. Yo! Cookie! / Fist-Pumpin’ Brownie Chunk Cookies / over-the-top cookie filled to the max with chunks of brownie – so good they’ll make you want to beat back the music

19. Bump It / Cuckoo for Cocoa-Nut / “The Situation” would describe these cookies as “panty-droppin”…walnuts, chocolate, coconut (inspired by Snookie’s big coconuts), come together in a sweet and disc of delight

20. Smack and Blue / Happy as a Sam / clam-shaped espresso-chocolate shortbread