03.24.10 // The Situation, All Wrapped Up

You would’ve never known it was 2PM on a Sunday when we packed Mighty to the brim with glittery muscle tees, stomach glowing necklaces, eczema blown-out hair, bump-its, and best of all, 20 fierce competitors and their delicious chocolate cookie creations. The Chocolate Cookie Situation inevitably started with a sugar high situation and left us all in a sugar coma situation–no doubt yo.

I mean, honestly. C’mon. Look at these frickin’ cookies! Some with “disco dust”, some with coconut. Some with lavender, some with potato chips. Whatever the creative additions were, there was one mainstay: CHOCOLATE. Score.

Our bizarre, out of nowhere, random, and nonsensical Jersey Shore tribute theme was widely embraced by competitors and attendees alike. G.T.L., Garfield spray tans, and fist pumping techniques were discussed, enacted, and admired all around as everyone sampled the 20 cookie offerings and deliberated as to which one stood out from the bunch!

Photojojo rocked the Fuji Instax Instant Photobooth for the first time at SF Food Wars and it was a raging success! I mean, when you spend all day blowing out your hair and getting a dope spray tan, how could you not want to go home with a picture of yourself looking all perfect?

And at the end of the night beginning of the evening, as the sun came up continued to shine, The Chocolate Situation reached the apex of intensity…the Winners announcement! The people and the judges made their picks, and in the end, fun was had by all.

Seeing as this Jersey Shore theme was totally random and weird, we’re ecstatic the one-off concept was embraced so warmly by our competitors, eaters, sponsors, and the press. We love you all and can’t wait to see you at the next one… “Amuse Brunch” (details coming soon).

Stay tuned for our Winning and Crowd Favorite Recipes!

Special thanks to super crew-member Bryan Haggerty for snapping these shots! See them all here. More coverage, footage, and photos at CHOW, VidSF, KQED Bay Area Bites, and SF Weekly!

P.S. Rest assured that no fist fights broke out! Fist pumps, yes, but no fist fights.