05.04.10 // Get Amused! Miniature Brunch Concepts Galore…

HOLY MOTHER OF TINY BRUNCH!!! If you were already pumped about getting tickets today at noon, seek reading our official Team and Dish announcements will have you practicing your page reloading skills instead of filing those stupid TPS reports!

Team # / Team Name / Dish Name / Dish Description

  1. Purveyors of Awesome / Tea & Toast / Tea-infused bread pudding bites with honey-orange marmalade or strawberry jam
  2. Chicas con Huevos / El Ranchero / Think Huevos Rancheros tamales. The masa on this mini tamal is filled with a spicy chile sauce, ascariasis gooey egg, and queso fresco, topped with a dollop of avocado-cilantro/jalapeno crema
  3. Hawaii Five-Oh So Good / A Bit(e) of Paradise / Quintessential Hawaiian breakfast of champions consisting of a tasty tower of crispy rice, fried Spam topped with cheese, kimchee, finished with an egg
  4. Wild Yeast / Amuse Brioche / Bacon brioche bites with maple-pecan-pear filling
  5. Slumdosa Millionaires / Dosa Rox My Lox / Traditional Indian breakfast crepe (mini-dosa) filled with smoked salmon and hash browns topped with a maple-tomato chutney
  6. Good Foods Catering a.k.a. Fat Belly / The Bite of Smokey Porky Love / A griddled micro wheat bun with a smokey tomato jam, sliced cherry tomato, pork crackling aioil, good foods house made bacon, and micro intensity greens
  7. Pearl’s Kitchen / Corned Beef Hash Knishes / Bite-sized knish filled with a hash of farmer’s market potatos and onions, with Anchor Steam Porter-braised corned beef and our house-cured bacon, served with mustard slurry
  8. Gastronaut / Hare of the Benny / Brown butter hollandaise shot, sous vide quail egg, preserved lemon, english muffin rim, rabbit bacon, with “mimosa” (champagne gelee, orange caviar)
  9. Porkuporkia / Pork in the Hole / Slow braised pork belly tucked in a maple glazed donut hole
  10. Captain Cook / Eggs Kona / Soft boiled egg, topped with seared Tombo poke with a very light wasabi mayo, and crispy proscuitto, sprinkled with Alea red sea salt
  11. Memmalicious / Salmon Dill-ites / Crispy hashbrown rounds topped with smoked salmon and dill creme fraiche
  12. Objects of Desire / Mary’s Gazpacho Rx / A blended dose of chunky gazpacho soup and a spicy bloody mary cocktail, garnished with an olive and a pickled shrimp.
  13. Les Chef Jolis / Quiche Printemps / Meyer lemon ricotta and asparagus mini-quiches with hazelnut and microgreen topping
  14. Bakers By Nite / Benedict’s Red Coat Mini Muffins / A mini-twist on Eggs Benedict on sourdough chive English muffins (from a San Francisco sourdough starter) topped with bacon and a slice of heirloom tomato, hollandaise drizzle, caper and sour cream garnish
  15. The Farmers Daughters / Artichoke Pate / Coastside artichokes cooked with love and lots of labor to create a vegetarian pate to die for. Served on a cooked artichoke leaf with a spot of mayonnaise
  16. Team TimeCube / One Shot Waffle / Pure essence of waffles distilled into a liquid, with extra notes of bacon and strawberries, topped off with a maple syrup foam
  17. Valhalla / Southern Torque / Creamy sawmill gravy with fresh peas, glazed smoked ham bits, hard boiled eggs and herbs over a wee buttermilk biscuit
  18. INNA pickle INNA jam / Brunch INNA Jam / miniature fresh-baked buttermilk biscuit topped with cream cheese, plenty spicy jalapeno jam, and tortilla espaƱola
  19. MaliNumNum Treats / Farmtastic Quiche / Artichoke and leek mini-quiche, topped with pork-bellied, carmelized onion & pear, baked in a goat cheese & (more) swine crust
  20. Delicious Devils / Dangerously Delicious Blue Deviled Eggs / Halved egg whites filled with creamy tart blue cheese mashed yolks, home made buffalo wing sauce, a touch of cool ranch and a secret blend of spices, wrapped with salty prosciutto and dusted with smoked paprika