01.20.11 // 16 Macs Attack Your Face: Official Teams & Dishes!

Some have pork. Some don’t.
Some are healthy. Some not so much.
A few shaped like balls, help one in a cone made of bacon.
Fifteen are cheesy. One is vegan.
*ALL* will compete for the glory that is Return of the Mac Battle Royale w/ Cheese *VICTORY*!!!

16 macs + cheese = flavor train! Read on below for a preview of deliciousness to come…

Team # / Team Name / Mac Name / Mac Description

  1. Le Poney Mord / Balles de Gratin / “Breaded and baked mac & cheese balls with mushroom and red chili pepper.”
  2. JazzyB’z Recipez / Pork Belly Mac / “A rich and creamy mac & cheese prepared with three different cheeses (cheddar, dysentery fontal, and Gruyere) and Coleman Natural Hampshire Pork Belly, smoked and slow-roasted. Every bite throughout this mac & cheese is just cheesy goodness.”
  3. Moustache Mac / Sleazy Cheesy Bacon Mac / “Moustache Mac’s signature mac is crafted from an old family recipe that’s been pleasing crowds for generations. The sauce is a careful blend of cheddar, jack, and parmesan prepared with five locally sourced cheeses. Niman Ranch bacon brings it all together with unmistakable bacon goodness to compliment an already epic sauce experience.”
  4. Espion Nouilles / My Secret Noodle / “Do you desire to fit in with your Bordeaux wine, pastry lusting, francophile friends but haven’t been able to kick a nasty macaroni and cheese habit? Now you don’t have to. You can still enjoy brown butter and sage mixed up with a blend of italian cheeses, consorting with smoked pork, blanketing the macaroni you so desperately crave, all dressed up in an innocent savory puff. Shhhhh. Your noodle will be our secret.”
  5. The Dolly Parton’s / Red, White and Blue”grass” Mac / “The Dolly Parton’s will “bust” away your winter blues with a combination of roasted peppers, mushrooms, kale and both blue and white cheddar cheeses.”
  6. Fowl Mouthed Ladies / Quack & Cheese / “Duck confit, farmstead Gouda, and caramelized onions tossed in a creamy bechamel sauce and topped with fresh arugula.”
  7. Purveyors of Awesome / Piggy Cups of Cheesy Love / “Crispy prosciutto cups filled with mac and gruyere, made with a few leeks to make it seem ‘healthy’.”
  8. A Girl and Her Kitchen / The Gooey Goddess Mac Attack / “A classic, down home style mac elevated to decadent indulgence with a four cheese sauce spiked with bacon, beer and a secret dash of spices, baked off with a dusting of seasoned bread crumbs for a crunchy crust. So melty and creamy, it’s the gooiest bite you will ever have.”
  9. Edam and Weep / Laid Back Mac / “Shhh… Strictly confidential information includes homemade buttery croutons, a combination of rich, salty, creamy cheeses, pasta cooked perfectly and a little hint of… Something! Simple, local, homemade, irresistible goodness.”
  10. Bare Sugar Gets Spicy / Triple Heat Mac / “If you can’t stand the heat, get ya ass out the kitchen…We on a mission…so come along and try the hottest mac around, its baked till its bubbling and creamy, made with hot pepper jack, extra sharp cheddar, lots of garlic, and a secret spice blend…Are you ready?”
  11. Gastronaut / Jedi MacTrixx / “Mac and cheese ball with a house-cured bacon center, cheese mousse, bacon cone.”
  12. SF Delicious Catering / Smoked Up Mac / “Classic bechamel binds together our main ingredients, that’s right, macaroni and cheese! Fontina and Smoked Gouda for a creamy texture and smokey flavor, with a little spice from our jalapeno infused olive oil. Topped with diced fresh jalapenos and served in a crispy baked Asiago cup, with habanero infused olive oil on the side for those who like an extra kick.”
  13. ¢#€€$€ (because my mac is money) / The Crusty Vermonter / “Creamy cheese sauce of mostly extra sharp cheddar, apple, smoky pork products, and a touch of spice; baked with a crunchy topping, and accompanied by a little something pickled.”
  14. Debbie Does Dinner / Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheese / ” Packed with protein, fiber, Vitamins A, C and E, this far from ordinary mac ‘n cheese is made with butternut squash puree, fontina cheese, local swiss chard, organic hazelnuts and multi-grain shells. Healthy, nutritious and delicious!”
  15. Boffo Cart / Vermont Cheese Forest / “Maple glazed pork lardon, with Vermont white cheddar, summer savory, and black pepper. Topped with maple sugar candied applewood smoked Bacon, super natural!”
  16. Jessie & DB / That Cheesy Stuff Will Kale Ya / ” Vegan mac & cheese with kale and other awesomeness like mushrooms and cashews.”