05.25.11 // Get Yer Eyes on the Pies: 20 Pies in Your Face

Last year’s “double rainbow” 1st Place/People’s Choice winning pies

Twenty pies. Twenty. Glorious. Pies…to be eaten al fresco with the historic Ferry Building as our backdrop. What’s that you say? Rapture didn’t end up happening after all? But surely this is heaven…am I mistaken?!?!

Our 20 competitors are lucky that last year’s “double rainbow” 1st place/People’s Choice winner Team Eat the Love won’t be defending their title and instead will be taking a maxin’/relaxin’ vacay. However, web they still have to consider the flaky crust and luscious filling that brought 2nd Place glory to Team Peace o’ Pie, who will be back to claim victory once again.

Make sure you take a deep breath before you preview the pies below. Yes, they sound that delicious.

Team # / Team Name / Pie Name / Pie Description

  1. Team Tomato Tart / Honey, You’re A Tart / Berry and nectarine-filled pies with a honey caramel sauce.
  2. Team Hearsay / Curried Cranberry Pie Pops / Wrapped in flaky, buttery pastry and filled with an exotic blend of cranberries and cherries spiked with curry and cardamom, these single-serving pies are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. And as anyone who’s ever been to a county fair knows, everything tastes better on a stick.
  3. Sweetie Pies / Luscious Lemon Cream and Blueberry Pie / A flakey home-made crust filled with zesty lemon cream and a blueberry compote swirl (made with fresh Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market blueberries) – so delicious and creamy, you would never guess it’s VEGAN!
  4. RawDaddy / Pumpkin Pie with Thyme / You will never believe that this pumpkin pie is actually made from carrot juice. Amazing.
  5. Full Moon Pies / Butterscorch Pies / Homestyle butterscotch pudding, salted walnuts, and burnt sugar combine to unleash the hidden-grandparent within us all.
  6. Pie In The Sky Hopes / Elvis Pie / Vanilla wafer crust with a vanilla pudding filling, layer of bananas, topped with a peanut butter layer and finished off with homemade whipping cream and homemade peanut brittle!
  7. Peace O’ Pie / Shaker Lemon Pie with a Sugary Shake of Violet Petal Dust / A perfect twist on “Shaker” Lemon Pie! Sweet and tart lemony goodness nestled in Peace O’ Pie’s famous, award winning flaky crust. A sugary shake violet petal and lemon zest dust will tickle your senses and brighten your day.
  8. Wake and Bake / Make A Grown Man Cry Pie / Sweet California-grown cherries with tarragon-infused mascarpone cream in a home-rendered lard crust.
  9. Forbidden Pie / Moroccan Tea Pie / Green tea and mint crust, preserved lemon curd, black berry filling, cardamom crumble.
  10. Doom Bunny Bakes / Olallie-Pop (Pie) / What the heck is an Olallieberry? Take a Blackberry & a Raspberry, add some champagne, a little candlelight, perhaps a Barry White album…. and you end up with a berry that is larger & sweeter than its parents. So what the heck is an Olallie-Pop? It’s a tart, sweet (and a little bit spicy) bite-sized morsel of Olallieberry Pie!
  11. Pie Ah Um / A “Nutty Apple-Crisp Pie” Supreme / This is a Pie Unity: 1/2 apple pie, 1/2 apple crisp. A flaky, buttery, pecan-y crust, piled high with sweet and tart seasonal apples. Skipping the standard pastry top, this pie is covered with a butter-soaked brown sugar crisp, making for an ooey-gooey delight! Served warm with a side of Rum whipped cream.
  12. Cooking with Laurie / Summer Sunshine Apricot Strudel Pie / Recipes passed down from special people are the ‘BEST’….they conjure up memories that will last a lifetime!! This is a recipe passed down from my wonderful Grandmother, I’ve switched it up with farm fresh apricots. The flakey crust, sweet tartness of summer sunshine ripened apricots and drizzled with a meyer lemon glaze…it’s enough to make me remember my Grandmother’s warm hugs and beautiful smile!!! This one’s for you Grandma!!
  13. (Y)Our Food Choices / Apricot Streusel and Buttermilk Pie / Roasted apricots atop a buttermilk custard with a sprinkling of crunchy pecan streusel served in a flaky rye pastry shell.
  14. Bare Sugar / Spumoni Pie Bites / Yep thats right, Spumoni in a pie!! Bite-sized morsels of flaky, buttery crust, filled with 3 delectable layers…bittersweet chocolate, pistachio pastry cream, and rum soaked cherries….oh yeah!!!
  15. Strawberry Fiends Forever / Pride and Prejudice and Strawberries / Luscious mounds of farm-fresh, organic strawberries piled atop a thin, crisp crust. But not just any crust. A crust with a secret. A crust topped with a thin layer of toffee, then topped with a thin layer of chocolate. This pie fulfills the highest purpose of strawberries.
  16. Berry Potter / …and the Crimson Tartlets (Triple Berry Pie) / Sweet and tart mini pies with triple berry filling (strawberries, blackberries and raspberries) baked in a flaky, buttery cream cheese crust.
  17. Sugar Lush / OG (original grill) Peach Pie / A simple flaky pie crust filled with 3 different kinds of peaches, vanilla, brown sugar and a splash of bourbon, topped with grilled-to-perfection peaches.
  18. Sweet Emily Pies / Bootleg Berries and Cream / A summer strawberry cocktail disguised as a pie: Miniature strawberry pies made with organic Farmer’s Market strawberries, locally foraged Meyer lemons, and an organic butter crust, topped with boozy gin-lemon whipped cream.
  19. Zest Bakery / Top Shelf Margarita PIe / A gluten-free crust with a super tart tequila and lime, lemon, and orange citrus filling, garnished with Himalayan pink salt.
  20. Pie-oneers / Happy Middle Plum Pecan / Introducing the amazing middle crust pie: Mushy, sweet pecan pie on the bottom with crisp, June-picked plums on top, and delicious crust in between. Viva la revolucion and let them eat crust!