05.16.11 // PIE or DIE!…part deux : June 12, 2011

illustration by ghostshrimp

The spring season’s best ingredients are making their way into many a dish, cough but none more perfect than…well, pie, of course! Join SF Food Wars, in partnership with CUESA, on Sunday, June 12, 2011 at The Ferry Building for an afternoon of pie, fresh air while you take a breather, and more pie!

SF Food Wars’ “PIE or DIE!…part deux” will challenge 20 master pie-makers to unleash unto us flaky crusts and luscious fillings. YOU + PIE = OBVIOUSLY!

Each competitor’s pie offering will feature at least one local, in-season ingredient from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, giving attendees an incredible chance to experience the season’s best in PIE form…amazing!

Should these pies boast fruit, nuts, chocolate, creme, or custard, one rule stands clear: they must fall into the “sweet” category. We’re all for creative add-ins like herbs, spices, and such, but flavor profiles will lean toward sweet. So you think you have the perfect pie to please all? Read on below for competitors’ entry details.

$16 gets you through the door and into the official pie zone where your vote counts! So all you pie-a-holics, mark yer calendars for Thursday, May 26 at 12PM noon when tickets go on sale.

Complimentary liquid goodness will be provided by Honest…ahhh!!

This event will benefit both the SF Food Bank and CUESA’s Farmer Scholarship Fund.


Do you make delicious pie? Do you not want to die?

*Email us at . with the following info to apply to compete: Your Name, Dish Name, Dish Description, Phone Number, Email Address

You must be prepared to bake *a lot* of pie and said pie must err on the side of sweet! Timeliness and enthusiasm are key because we will select our competitors within just a few days.

*Food for thought: Imagine serving sample-size (1-2 bites) tastes of your pie to a large audience. How does everyone get to taste your pie at its best? How can you maneuver things to make sure everyone appreciates both the crust and filling? Traditional round pan-based methods may or may not be ideal for your pies…just some food for thought!

*Each competitor will receive a $10 stipend to purchase seasonal ingredients (i.e. produce, nuts, honey, etc.) of their choice from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market.


Tickets (limited to 300) will go on sale on Thursday, May 26, 2010 at 12PM noon!

The “Get Tickets” button on this site, sffoodwars.com, will appear when they go on sale. Limit 4 tickets per ticket buyer.

Got questions? Check out our FAQ section or email us at .