08.09.11 // 20 Off-the-Charts, On-yer-Chips Salsas!

Some are fruity. Some are spicy. Cool your tongue with something icy!
Lots of chiles. Lots of lime. 20 salsas = flavor time!

Team # / Team Name / Salsa Name / Salsa Description

  1. Purveyors of Awesome / Gravensalsa / “Tomatoes are so 2010. This salsa makes the most of the sweet-tart flavors of first-of-the-season Gravenstein Apples, punched up with a hit of heat, a smidgen of smoke, and just enough lime. It’s the perfect, refreshing salsa for a summer day.”
  2. DoomBunny en Fuego / Ceviche Verdura / “Our salsa takes its inspiration from the bright flavors of ceviche and makes it vegetarian! Sweet red onions, vine-ripened tomatoes, buttery avocado, tangy citrus juice, fresh herbs & hot peppers combine with the creamy salty goodness of whole-milk cheese for a mouthful of salsa heaven!”
  3. Devórate Esto / My Mama’s Salsa (Can Kick Your Mama’s Salsa’s Ass) / “Fresh, acidic and spicy. My mother taught me how to make this salsa over 20 years ago and I love it for it’s purity. There are only 7 or 8 ingredients and they are allowed to shine without being cluttered, creating a perfectly spicy, sweet and acidic salsa. You cannot just have one bite.”
  4. Southern Comfort / Peaches and Scream / “A sweet and spicy salsa starring mangos and peaches with a mix of onions and herbs and a healthy kick of spice.”
  5. The Average Foodie / Summer Sweet, Summer Spice – Part Deux / “A summer salsa using seasonal fruits like peaches and pears, which are roasted to bring out those great sweet sugars, complementing the VERY spicy side of this salsa. The sweetness hits your lips first, followed by savory spiciness of the peppers, onions and tomatoes.”
  6. bangbangsalsa / salsa #9 / “Made with roasted habanero, ancho chiles, and a few other tasties, salsa #9 packs a spicy, smoke-filled punch and turns you into a sucker for more.”
  7. Los Pares Deliciosos / Veraniega Sabrosa / “Broiled tomatillos, serranos, poblanos, and garlic, with cool cilantro and lime to balance. Slightly sweetened by a sauté of yellow onions, seasoned with fresh and dried herbs, and a kiss of zesty red wine vinegar.”
  8. El Charapo / Gutsy Red / “Our “Gutsy Red” Salsa will be a classic timeless mix of roasted chile peppers, roasted tomatoes, garlic, herbs and other veggies. The process in makng the salsa is from a family time honored tradition, it’s a labor of love that loads each chip with real Mexican flavor.”
  9. Ai Made It / GazPOWcho Salsa / “What better way to enjoy the summer’s bounty than with a fresh bowl of gazpacho? We’re taking it to the next level, with a salsa made from home-grown tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, sweet bell peppers, and some extra ingredients for a little tang and an extra POW! “
  10. Chi-Wow-Wow / El Niño / “El Niño is an adaptation of an old family recipe from Chihuahua, Mexico. Its ingredients include roasted tomatillos, roasted white corn, roasted garlic, serrano chilies, lemon juice, cilantro, onions and a little splash of heavenly agave. It helps you speak better Spanish!”
  11. Team Hellapeños / Salsa Delfina / “Salsa Delfina is our Great Grandmother Delfina’s version of fresh, Mexican salsa. It’s distinct color, texture and savory flavor leave you addicted and desperate for one more taste.”
  12. Team Steph / Salsa de Nino (Godfather’s salsa) / “it all began with the recipe my Godfather passed down to me. It is a a fresh, blenderful (’cause I use a blender) salsa made with tomatoes, cilantro and my secret combo of ingredients!”
  13. Dammit Tina! / Dammit! I Forgot the Salsa Again / “”Pico de Gallo pero con pique…There is not much you have to do to make good pico de gallo, but leave it to a Puerto Rican: Fresh salsa made with early girl tomatoes, fresh cilantro, shallots and jalapeño, lemon/lime, and a vinegar concoction called pique.”
  14. Spice Girls / When Harissa Met Salsa / “What happens when two old friends decide to heat it up? This red-hot take on traditional Tunisian harissa melds roasted tomatoes and serrano peppers with toasted North African spices for a sure-fire match made in heaven.”
  15. (y)our food choices / Salsa-touille / “Old world zest meets new world spice. A variety of chopped roasted veggies (think ratatouille) marinated in a fresh salsa of tomatoes, onions, peppers and herbs.”
  16. Desi Girls / Kuchumber / “An Indian take on salsa inspired by a classic accompaniment to spicy food. The onions and cucumbers cut the spiciness while increasing your appetite. Herbs and spices round off the flavors and mellow the sharpness of the onions. Our family variation draws from the flavors of growing up in India and traveling in the Middle East.”
  17. Huuyub / Green Monster / “A roasted spicy salsa with roasted tomatoes and chilies. Heavy on cilantro. Spiciness is steady and may build.”
  18. Chip trick / Chilesco Salsa / “The Chilesco Salsa brings together the fresh spiciness of Mexican salsa with the smooth texture of Catalan Romesco, a sauce that fishermen from Tarragona used to make to accompany cod and other fish plates. Our recipe uses roasted tomatoes, garlic, and a variety of sweet black and red chilies as main ingredients. Its hearty and chunky flavor comes from almonds, hazelnuts and rustic bread (all toasted and handground) emulsified with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. Bon profit!”
  19. Dr. Peppers / Belly-Warmin’ Salsa / ” A mix of fire-roasted peppers, sweet sweet onions, and lots of love. (Note: salsa may contain up to 20% of a love substitute.)”
  20. Iron Bunny / Salsa Pine-a-peño / “Fresh grilled pineapple with spicy jalepeños, onions, cilantro, and the Bunny’s secret blend of herbs & spices.”