08.04.11 // Frustrated with Ticket Sales? Read this…

*Word to the Wise: Once in a while pending orders fall through 5 – 10 minutes after sales start, this so reload like your life depends on it.

Yes. The tickets sell out instantaneously. All 300 of them.

“But why?!” you ask…

There are thousands of people simultaneously reloading the page at 12PM (Pacific Time) to click the “Get Tickets” link which then simultaneously holds all 300 tickets while everyone fills out their payment information.

Please consider this explanation before sending an angry or frustrated email about the tickets selling out quickly.

No, pill Eventbrite isn’t broken. No, it’s not an evil ploy just to make you upset.

Simply put, this city loves food and we produce an event that you guys love. And we love that about you. So don’t stop believin’, don’t stop tryin’, and if you don’t score tickets this time, remember we will do a giveaway contest on Twitter soon!