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Ever dined at a restaurant only to declare, cialis 40mg “My (fill in the blank) is WAY better!”? ….Are you the chef at that restaurant? Either way, if you have killer kitchen skills, this competition’s for you.

Competing is FREE! You will provide enough sample-size (like 1-2 bites) portions for at least 100 people. Masses of hungry voters will approach with haste, so the more servings you prepare, the more likely more people will get to try your food. You can expect to serve up to 200 to 300+ people depending on the venue! Should you run out before the end of the tasting period, stragglers might lose out on your droolworthy creations!

At SF Food Wars, victory is sweet (and sometimes savory). There are excellent prizes to be won including cold hard ca$h, yummy food items, and gift certificates to some of the best food-related establishments in SF. And don’t forget the all-too important bragging rights of being a tried and tested SF Food Wars champion! And the trophies. Gotta love the trophies.

Ready to bring it? If a call for entries has been announced, you can apply to compete by emailing us at . Include your name (or team name), contact info, and brief description of your dish. Enthusiasm and recipe uniqueness are big pluses.

Some rule-ish things and convenient info you should know :

- You can be sure of your competitor status when you receive a reply confirmation email.
- You must be prepared to feed droves of food fiends with empty stomachs and judgmental palates.
- You must make at least 100 sample-size (1 to 2 bites) servings.
- Expect 200 to 300+ hungry attendees (who each get a vote!) to line up at your station!
- For hot food battles, bring your dish just-cooked or just-reheated. Room temp okay, just not cold!
- We will provide you with heated aluminum pans for hot food battles.
- If you wish, you can prepare hot dishes in a 12″ x 20″ full size heavy-duty disposable pan.
- If it’s a cold/room temp food battle, feel free to get creative with your serving display.