// Eaters

At an SF Food Wars battle, Eaters palates and votes are vital to the cause. Upon entry, you will take on a task of the utmost importance. You must nibble, sample, nibble again, sample once more, no maybe twice more, okay probably a lot more, take a breather, eat a little more, think about what you ate, debate with your fellow Eaters, and eventually, cast your oh-so-vital vote! Take notes if you need to. Food comas welcome.

SF Food Wars wants you to have a grand ol’ time, not an over-crowded, unorganized clusterfrack of a time. This is why we limit capacity to 200 attendees (250-275 total including competitors, workers, judges, and the media), to allow a little eating, and breathing, room. We want every ticket holder to experience a food war at its finest, where it’s not necessary to fight tooth and nail to get a bite of who knows what. Leave the fighting to the competitors!

Get tickets here! First come, first served.